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ITP Course

To utilize creativity for the most dynamic results requires that creativity be harnessed and then driven to innovation. This is now possible through a new breakthrough process that was developed by Anton Krutz through OIsource, his innovation consultancy company. This process is in the form of a 90-minute online course called the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process).

The foundation of the ITP is based on the disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. It teaches the participant to innovate by doing thought experiments, using emotion as a tool, alongside intelligence. The ITP achieves this outcome by empowering the participant to use their thought experiments to project concepts into a future that cannot yet be experienced directly. Without the ITP, the probability of innovation failure increases. (Find out more information on why innovation rates are high and continually increasing.)

To simplify what the ITP does, let’s use an analogy. Imagine that innovation is a boat on the ocean and you are alone in that boat. That boat has no sail or rudder and is being pushed around by the current and wind. Think about the current as your thoughts and the wind as your emotion and intuition. That means that the most you have done to so far is instinctively react to the whims of the current and wind without understanding how they function or what you can do to use them in order to control your destiny. That is why the vast majority of innovation boats fail, sinking and crashing onto shore. Now to complete the analogy, the ITP teaches you how to use the current and wind by constructing a sail and rudder for your innovation boat. Thereby empowering you to use the current and wind as tools to successfully control your destiny.


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