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Anton Krutz is an entrepreneur and world renowned craftsman that has built several multimillion dollar businesses. He is also a thought pioneer that has extensively studied the arts, physics, philosophy, religion, education, business operations, history and human existence. As well as learned the personal disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. This renaissance of learning has given him the ability to extrapolate and cross-fertilize information in new ways, from many diverse fields of study, in order to bring unity and sensibility to an otherwise disparate world.


As Anton's unique insight evolved, he came to understand what motivates human curiosity, creativity and breakthrough innovation. It was on that path that an external, intuitive, and what seemed divine, guidance was pushing Anton to further interconnect his experiences and knowledge of all the diverse fields and disciplines. What then came to him was a new paradigm of understanding that Emotion, Consciousness and Matter are the three foundational conditions that comprise the pillars of our reality. As he pursued that understanding he eventually developed scientific models for how these three conditions function and are interconnected.

This combined talent stack of disciplines, knowledge and insight empowers Anton to be a transformational leader, with the ability to advance a vision of a different paradigm and connect that vision to people's current values and needs.

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