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LED Accelerator

The ability to memorize information, that was not easily or publicly available, had immense value for thousands of years. But in our modern age where all information has become a free commodity and accessible anywhere with Internet access, memorizing information is no longer relevant. Einstein understood this almost a century ago when he noted: “Never memorize something that you can look up.”

But the curriculum of U.S. Education is nearly a century behind because it’s still based on teaching and testing for the skill of memorization. Instead, the curriculum should be focused on stimulating creativity through music programs and then harnessing it for innovative thinking through the ITP. (Find out more information on why U.S. Education is now obsolete and will collapse)

To elevate the creativity and innovative thinking results to the highest levels requires the development of gifted students to become breakthrough innovators as adults. The only way to achieve that is through LED Accelerator, a proposed dual system within U.S. Education. The advanced student-led outcomes from LED accelerator will also provide internally generated evidence-based data on what aspects can be implemented within the overall curriculum of U.S. Education, the parent organization. This would empower U.S. Education to continually innovate and develop students to have the skills which will proactively meet America’s advancing social, economic and military needs. 

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