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Mind Model

The Mind Model is a breakthrough concept backed by pioneering Physics and Neuroscience. Within the Mind Model, the matter of our brain cells is comprised of ‘physical’ components derived from the quantum field while the mind is comprised of ‘cognitive’ components derived from the quantum field. Because both matter and mind are derived from the quantum field, is the reason they can interact.

Essentially, we are an interactive matrix where the biological body is an avatar which is there to move the brain, which is there to harbor the mind. 

So the mind uses, but is not produced by the brain. This can be better understood through a computer analogy where; the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is the operating-system/software that runs the brain. The mind is comprised of multiple components of Self, Intuition, Emotion and multiple divergent Intelligence components we identify as 'thoughts'. The main mind component is the Self, which is 'you' – the identity you sense and perceive yourself to be. The Self is also the decision maker, interacting with and choosing from the information the other mind components are offering. This paradigm of there being delineation between you and all the other mind components has been wrapped in the cloak of religion and philosophy for thousands of years. Now it is unmasked in terms of science. Essentially, we are an interactive matrix that enables a process of creating new information from established information.

Continuing with the computer analogy; The operating system/software and the mechanical hardware are two completely different elements with different functions in a computer. Once the mechanical hardware becomes outdated and obsolete it then can’t handle a new more advanced operating system/software. At that point the mechanical hardware of a computer must be physically disposed and replaced with new mechanical hardware. Only then can a more advanced operating system/software be installed. So just like with computers, the physical brain and the cognitive mind are two completely different elements. But in a human, the brain is obviously not disposed and replaced. Therefore, the adaptive biological hardware, that is the brain, is physically upgraded through the process of being neurologically re-wired by the self-installing and advancing operating system/software, that is the mind. As the mind retains and uses increasing amounts of information it is forced to constantly re-wire the brain with new neural pathways to accommodate the mind’s increased information transmission and capacity needs. The more diverse the wiring of those neural pathways, the more creative the mind becomes using information. Also, within this process Self-intelligence evolves into Self-aware consciousness. Essentially, we are an interactive matrix that enables an otherwise non-interactive quantum field to increase in new information entanglement, attain new experiences and achieve higher levels of new consciousness. 

So our measurable physical and cognitive matrix is not incidental. At the macro level it is a complex organization which requires vision, strategy and execution to exist. Yet for this matrix to not just exist (i.e. survive), but to scale (i.e. succeed), requires the continual input of greater levels of creativity and innovation from the quantum field. In turn, the requirement for creativity and innovation is then intensely projected at the micro level into every aspect of human society. This forces every social, education, business, government, and military organization to also continual input greater levels of creativity and innovation for that organization to not just survive, but to succeed. 

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