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KRUTZ String Instruments

The strongest catalysts for stimulating creativity is art and music. Both are the exact same vehicle but in different form; art is frozen music and music is liquid art. The creative act of expressing art and music in turn is what stimulates more creativity. It is a powerful self-reinforcing loop. But the fluidity and impact of playing a music instrument makes it more powerful than art. And within music, playing on string instruments stimulate creativity the strongest. 

The very movement of a bow along the strings induces vibrations that resonate in consonance with the quantum frequencies that comprise all of matter. Our minds sense this vibrational consonance in our bodies to further stimulate creativity.

Within the strings domain, the instruments crafted by Anton Krutz are the most dynamic in their ability to stimulate creativity. This is due to the instruments acoustic design being developed through divine geometry and having varnish qualities that incorporate the lost secrets of the Italian masters from centuries past. Anton’s shop, KRUTZ Strings, is the only one in the world producing student to professional violins, violas, cellos and basses. KRUTZ instruments have a richly imbued voice ... The Voice Of Strings... existing within each instrument. 

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For string players interested in repairs, restorations and to try out instruments you can visit K.C. Strings --- the flagship store of KRUTZ!

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