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AI is exponentially advancing alongside quantum computing, agile robotics and apps that can do corporate work functions and scale quickly throughout the world. By 2028  AGI (human-like AI with the ability to learn and reason) will be developed. Then by 2032 self-aware superintelligent AI will be developed. At that point, the growing unemployment will skyrocket as technology will replace human labor in most fields. 

Many corporate and education organizations will become obsolete and implode. The compounding effects of this process will lead to societal disintegration at a level of intensity and velocity that will shock everyone. 


These painful events will not be accidental. They are meant to challenge and push humans to evolve, adapt and excel our creative abilities. These events are part of a designed system. But systems can be modified and hacked. This can be achieved by organizations and individuals preparing themselves NOW to succeed and thrive in the future.

There are three core solutions that can be proactively implemented to empower unique human abilities which can in-turn dominate over all advancing technology: 

1. Understand the fundamental sapient creative abilities humans have over AI and use the ITP (a free online course) to learn how to intentionally innovate - as a process.

More information on these pages:

2. Have students and corporate employees do cognitive workouts, which facilitate their minds to wire their brains for neuroplasticity, via music training on an acoustic instrument - as a process.

More information on these pages:

3. Implement a new dual system within U.S. Education called LED Accelerator which will develop breakthrough innovators and generate operational evidence-based data that will be used to guide the main parent education system to continually evolve, adapt and excel - as a process.

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