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Impact Your Future

Learn more about the unique dynamics that have been created to

Stimulate Creativity, Harness It and Drive Innovation

These dynamics are comprised of three ventures I founded of KRUTZ String Instruments, the ITP Course and LED Accelerator:

  • KRUTZ String Instruments are one of the strongest catalysts to stimulate creativity when they are played.

  • ITP Course (Innovative Thinking Process), available online, teaches a breakthrough process to harness creativity and drive innovation. 

  • LED Accelerator (Leadership Empowering Diversity) is an education program that elevates creativity and innovation to the highest level by developing gifted students to become breakthrough innovators as adults.

The use of all three components for creativity is what makes their combination the most dynamic system in the world. This system will be crucial in the future because the only relevant advantage humans will have over advancing technology is the ability to be creative. Humans who develop creativity will be able to use all technology as tools and the humans who don’t have creativity will be replaced by that same technology. This reality will be magnified once quantum computing, AI and big data are combined within cloud-based apps. These technology apps will be used in all fields and disrupt entire education and business ecosystems. Click here for more in-depth information on the future with technology apps. 

A brief overview is given on each component of this system on the site. 

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