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This site profiles Anton's companies and ventures, whose core dynamics have been involved in making an impact on society for centuries. But the understanding of those dynamics has also been masked in ambiguity through history. The insights here unmask, explain and transform those dynamics into breakthrough tools which will empower people to stimulate and harness creativity to drive innovation. 

This is impactful to society because it is now more critical than ever before to be creative and innovate in this new age of AI.

AI is advancing exponentially and along with agile robotics will replace people within most business, government and manufacturing fields. It will learn at incredible speeds from all published sources and interactions with people. AI will then cross-reference that information to continuously improve and evolve its abilities. But no matter how powerful AI becomes it will never have true innovation ability because AI only uses the limited system of intelligence. In contrast, the human mind uses intelligence alongside the unlimited and unique systems of intuition and emotion, which are required drivers for creativity and its by-product of innovation. So the only way people will differentiate themselves from AI is by leveraging their unique attributes of intuition and emotion to be creative and constantly innovate at work every day. 

Yet the majority of people who try to innovate mistakenly default to making decisions by relying on data and analysis, which is the domain of intelligence. This mistake has always hindered people's innovation abilities. But in the future, this mistake will cripple innovation as reliance on AI mass generated data and analysis will dramatically increase. It's not cold, intelligent analysis that drives successful people forward. Intuition is the guide and emotion is the real engine. That’s why Steve Jobs said: “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

The irony is that the minority of people who try to innovate that do rely extensively on their intuition and emotion just get pulled in multiple wrong directions and then end up failing as much as those that relied on data and analysis. That’s because there is a hidden insight to successfully using intuition and emotion for innovation. This insight, which is naturally understood by breakthrough innovators, is that successful innovation can only be achieved by highly creative people who also develop a skill to intentionally harness their intuition and emotion within a process alongside their intelligence.

Enjoy a deeper dive into these dynamics and insights on this site!

Music training on an acoustic instrument is a unique regimented activity that enables people to intentionally use their emotion to stimulate and harness creativity. (See Music Advocacy)


The Innovative Thinking Process (ITP) is a unique regimented activity that enables people to intentionally use their intuition to stimulate and harness innovation. (See OIsource)

More in-depth information on how the mind wires the brain for creativity:


More in-depth information on how emotion created intelligence and how that paradigm impacts humans and AI:

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