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To utilize creativity for the most dynamic results requires that creativity be harnessed and then driven to innovation. This is now possible through a new breakthrough process that was developed by Anton Krutz through OIsource, his innovation consultancy company. This process is in the form of a 90-minute online course called the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process).

Becoming An Innovator
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The foundation of the ITP is based on the disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. It teaches the participant to innovate by doing thought experiments, using emotion as a tool, alongside intelligence. The ITP achieves this outcome by empowering the participant to use their thought experiments to project concepts into a future that cannot yet be experienced directly. Without the ITP, the probability of innovation failure increases. (Find out more information on why innovation rates are high and continually increasing.)

At the highest level, thought experiments turn into Idea Models. This is the reason breakthrough innovators succeed. It's because of their natural skill to develop Idea Models that have the capability to source and project future disruptive concepts. The Mind Model explains this process and was used as the basis to design the ITP. This is why the ITP enables individuals to hack the innovation process by learning to develop Idea Models. 

(Find out more information on: Why Information For All Future Breakthrough Innovation Already Exists)

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