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  • Anton Krutz


Tectonic forces are colliding in the modern world as cultural and commercial ecosystems are increasingly becoming entangled internally and externally in conflict. Furthermore, the persistent momentum of transformative technology; robotics – artificial intelligence – predictive data modeling and soon quantum computing are going to accentuate this volatility. If we are to find future success in this new environment then finding a path through the maze of ‘what’s next’ is mandatory. That means that innovation is the wormhole through which we must travel to find consistent success and evolve at optimal efficiency.

But depending on the year and field, anywhere from 70% to 95% of new product launches fail and around 75% of all venture capital backed start-ups fail. So it has always been assumed that innovation is just a blind shot in the dark for the few willing to try it. This is now about to change as OIsource consulting ( has unearthed a path to innovation as a scientific process for everyone to use. The fundamentals of this process came from years of study in the diverse fields of physics, philosophy and education along with the personal disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. The totality of this learning has brought a unique insight into a new paradigm of human existence that guides OIsource to empower individuals and organizations for the future.

The gateway to that insight and the process for innovation that was derived from it starts with the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process. The ITP is a mental and writing exercise that enables us to intentionally originate, interconnect and validate relevant ideas as the foundation for successful innovation. But the ITP is not a groupthink ideation exercise we are used to. It is a demanding, self-directed, solitary endeavor that challenges us to think differently. The ITP reaches beyond ideas and actually develops Idea Models. This is the reason breakthrough innovators succeed, because of their natural skill to develop Idea Models that have the capability to project future disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly. Idea Models are the conduits through which Steve Jobs could, in his words; “project the future”. In essence, Idea Models have the dynamism to explain what is presently impossible while simultaneously providing a map to build that impossible through the future maze of ‘what’s next’.

Everyone can now have the opportunity to experience this breakthrough process for innovation with the ITP course, which is currently being offered free for a limited time at: oisource/


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