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  • Anton Krutz


Around the world, there is a general consensus on what science is. Not so with spirituality. So to understand how spirituality can be transformed into a science requires us to understand what spirituality is. The concept of spirituality that most humans have usually embodies having a priority of awareness on the spirit as opposed to material or physical things. But there is a higher understanding of spirituality. That is one of having clarity on global human existence and also having purpose within personal human existence.

Then a higher awareness level of global clarity and personal purpose within human existence is what leads to a higher level of spirituality. Therefore it turns out that at the core of spirituality is an elevated awareness about human existence. So to transform spirituality into science, clarity on both the global and purpose aspects of human existence will be unmasked.

First we’ll start with a global clarity overview that will be outlined through physics – the mother of all science. This overview observes a scalable atomic system and solar system. The atomic system is comprised of constantly moving particles and the solar system is comprised of constantly moving planets. Both systems have immense forces moving and holding them together. That is why it’s incredibly difficult to split up an atom or split up a solar system. And even if you can split them, then the rest of that system would continue to function without being affected. That is why these two systems are not only scalable but are also completely physically efficient and stable. The existence of these complex systems cannot be accidental and is therefore a designed condition.

Sandwiched between the atomic and solar systems are the botanical and biological systems. Both systems are not scalable. Both systems are physically inefficient and unstable. While the botanical system is only slightly inefficient and unstable, the biological system is significantly physically inefficient and unstable. These are vulnerabilities for both systems and they exist for a purpose. The system vulnerabilities are actually required so that life and the choices within it can exist. The mechanism for this involves randomness and risk; wherein the nature of randomness is one of being inefficient and the nature of risk is one of being unstable. So the greater the inefficient randomness and unstable risk of a system the greater its vulnerabilities. In turn, the greater the vulnerabilities within the system, the more diversity of life and choices can exist within that system. The paradox is that the vulnerabilities of the botanical and biological systems can only exist because they are sandwiched between, and dependent on, the security of the atomic and cosmological systems to support them. The existence of these complex systems working together cannot be accidental and is therefore a designed condition.

Within the biological system, the more advanced and complex the biological bodies are the more inefficient and unstable they are. Since humans are the most advanced and complex biological bodies, means that humans are the most physically inefficient and unstable. Additionally, biological bodies also have emotion attached to their functions. Emotion ranges from love to hate, elation to fear, desire to disgust, attraction to repulsion and everything in between. The more advanced and complex the biological bodies are, the greater their range and intensity of emotion. In turn, the greater the range and intensity of emotion, the more inefficient and unstable biological bodies are. Since humans are the most advanced and complex biological bodies, with nearly unlimited range and intensity of emotion, means that humans are the most emotionally inefficient and unstable. So humans are then the most extreme biological constituents within the most extreme, physical and emotional, inefficient and unstable state. This extreme state of vulnerability gives humans the perception that their existence is completely accidental. But it is not; it’s just the most complex sub-system. This is why human existence cannot be accidental and is therefore also a designed condition.

So if human existence is a designed condition then why do humans have to exist in this state of the most extreme vulnerabilities? As mentioned before, vulnerabilities are required for life and the choices within it to even exist. So the most extreme vulnerabilities allow humans to have the benefit of having the most extreme diverse physical bodies and cognitive minds within all of life. In turn, humans then have the most extreme diversity of physical and cognitive choices to achieve the most extreme diversity of experiences. Consequently, humans push, and are being pushed, to experience outcomes from the most extreme love/attraction/cooperation to the most extreme hate/repulsion/conflict and everything in between. That is why out of the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for only 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history. Through history, humans have killed over one hundred million other humans in one-way or another. Yes, there has also been an equal amount of extreme love/attraction/cooperation within each family, village, city, state and nation unit to sustain human existence between the extreme hate/repulsion/conflict. But that’s the point; the push for extreme experiences is not an option. It is not something humans can evolve out-of, or overcome through peaceful thinking in group-reflection, or talk through in ‘conflict resolution’ therapy. It’s a designed condition for humans to continually and endlessly push for both extremes that are not in their own Self-interest.

Understanding this paradigm is the highest awareness level of global clarity on human existence and is the foundation for transforming spirituality into a science. This paradigm leads to the next paradigm of understanding personal purpose within human existence. That understanding starts with a new Neuroscience model called the Mind Model and a new breakthrough process on innovative thinking that was derived from the Mind Model. The breakthrough process is called the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process. It’s a self-directed, solitary writing and thinking endeavor that is aligned with the disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. The ITP develops the participant’s ability to intentionally originate, interconnect and validate ideas. At its most basic level, the ITP develops a new creative skill to solve problems with new ideas. When the ITP starts to be used more extensively it reaches beyond ideas and develops Idea Models. The development of Idea Models is not new. The reason breakthrough innovators succeed is because of their natural skill to develop Idea Models that have the capability to project disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly. The ITP achieves this by empowering the human to become aware of their intelligence, emotion and intuition as being separate mind components that can be used tools. But even more importantly, the ITP pushes the human to become aware of and gain clarity on their life’s personal purpose. When that happens, humans can intentionally make choices (cognitive then physical) that serve their Self-interest purpose rather than unintentionally make choices that lead them into counterproductive extreme experiences. This higher awareness level of purpose within human existence is what allows for Self-control and leads to a higher level of spirituality. Through history, humans have spent lifetimes searching for this knowledge and a path to this elevated spirituality and failed. Now, everyone can have the opportunity to quickly achieve this outcome through a new breakthrough ITP online course, which is currently being offered free for a limited time at: oisource/

In summary, to completely transform spirituality into a science you need to acquire global clarity and personal purpose on human existence through new paradigms on physics and the ITP. This is going to quickly facilitate a state of awareness that will allow you to start mastering the full Self-control of your choices within a designed condition that otherwise is constantly pushing you, and everyone around you, to extremes. This is the science knowledge that the greatest mystics, saints and prophets described through religious parables. This is the science behind the truth that sets you free.


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