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  • Anton Krutz


We all recognize that global competition and innovation is constantly accelerating. Many people are also starting to face additional challenges from new technologies of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics. In the future, the way we combat these challenges to become successful is by coming up with new ideas that lead to innovation.

However, just incidentally coming up with new ideas will no longer be adequate. The advancement of globalization and disruptive technologies will create an innovation battlefield that will require innovators to intentionally and systematically come up with relevant new ideas that can lead to innovation. OIsource ( was launched to empower innovators in this new battlefield. We teach entrepreneurs and corporate teams a cognitive process that develops their skill to innovate. This is done through a mental and writing exercise that enables the participant to intentionally originate, interconnect and validate ideas so they have the best chance to be successful. We call this exercise the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process.

But the ITP goes far beyond just originating new ideas. The ITP actually develops Idea Models. This is the reason breakthrough innovators succeed, because they reach beyond new ideas with their natural skill to develop Idea Models. The development of models is not unique to breakthrough innovators; it’s in fact now a mandatory process for scientists to develop mathematical, physical and conceptual models.

But unlike other models, the Idea Models are kinetic and not static. Idea Models have the capability to project future disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly. Models are the conduits through which Steve Jobs could, in his words; “project the future”. In essence, models have the dynamism to explain what is presently impossible while simultaneously providing a map to build that impossible.

Furthermore, the specific stages of the ITP are like program coding for the mind. In this analogy using the ITP is like upgrading your software. The more you use it, the more innovative your mind becomes. So if used day-in and day-out, the ITP will systematically push you to become a high-level innovative thinker. Those learned skills also yield the only path to ultimately find out if you have the ability of mastering those skills to become a breakthrough innovator.

All this is possible because the ITP was derived from an advanced new paradigm on the brain/mind dynamic. We call this new way of looking at your mind and how it works; the Mind Model. It came from years of research within the fields of neuroscience, physics and philosophy, as well as insight from the methods of ideation, meditation and stoicism. The full documentation of this new paradigm is on But the only place you can learn the practical application of this paradigm is in the ITP training experience. Contact us to find out how to make the ITP training work for you and your company.


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