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  • Anton Krutz


With relatively minor adjustments, a schoolteacher from decades ago would feel right at home within the modern classroom. Other than replacing books with tablets, there has been little system advancement. In the past, educational excellence meant providing students equal opportunity to learn information that was not easily or publically accessible. Today, information is available for free anywhere, anytime, for anyone with Internet access. Furthermore, the biggest impact on society is yet to come from artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and quantum computing. All this technology has made information a commodity that no longer has any value in education. So the current process of forcing students to memorize information and then grading them on how well they regurgitate it is obsolete. Students already understand this and know that their education has become self-defeating as it teaches them to compete with technology rather than using it as a tool. In the future, the value of education will reside solely in how students’ minds can be engaged to creatively find, aggregate, transform and use information in new ways. Creative skills will ultimately define professional and personal success.

Consequently, individualized Project Based Learning, intertwined with the arts, will be the ultimate future of U.S. Education and will be the best way to stimulate creativity. Yet educators cannot explain, as a process, how to establish and then continually innovate an ever-changing Project Based Learning curriculum. Furthermore this curriculum cannot just have short-term success. It must be sustainable, scalable and innovate ahead of the needs of an evolving society around it. Yes, U.S. Education should not be decades behind but instead should be decades ahead of society. Unfortunately educators are completely and totally out of their league to achieve these necessary results even though they will be forced to try. ‘Education experts’ will experiment with teaching systems for decades to come until evidence starts pointing to a system that can be successful. This will be a chaotic transition with many brutal failures. These transitional system experiments will waste generations of students’ lives as well as being detrimental for society. But these future failures can be bypassed with a breakthrough solution. That solution is to implement a system that will continually advance and innovate U.S. Education from the inside.

LED accelerator ( ) would achieve these results by being a dual system within U.S. Education that will develop high-level creative thinkers. LED accelerator, which stands for Leadership Empowering Diversity, shares the goals of other dual systems like Xerox, PARC, DARPA and Google X that were created to be vertically intensive within their respective parent organization. The difference with LED accelerator is that malleable brains of the selected gifted students are going to be continuously wired for adaptive algorithms by their experiences. LED accelerator students will collaborate and compete using tools that exist in the current world to manifest the products and services they intuitively see existing in the future world. This is a process of intentionally developing our future breakthrough innovators and adult leaders. This dual system will be sustainable because the hyper competitive student teams, within each LED accelerator school district, will continually adopt best practices, learning strategies and interactive culture.

In turn, the continually changing curriculum and team achievement results will provide for administrators the evidence-based data on which aspects of LED accelerator can be scaled and implemented in U.S. Education, the parent organization. So the current process of relying on failed guesses of ‘education experts’ to originate future curriculum and doctrines will cease. The internally generated evidence-based data of LED accelerator will be the impetus to continually innovate the entire U.S. Education system ahead of evolving social, economic, government and military needs.

This type of dual system, no matter what it’s named, within U.S. Education will absolutely be the eventual end-system that all Project Based Learning experiments will lead to. There is no way around it, as the gifted students have always and will always separate themselves from the general student population when they are unchained from their desks. It is by design that naturally gifted individuals have the potential, when developed, to lead and guide the evolution of society. So this breakthrough solution for U.S. Education is just part of that leadership to bypass the future failures of ‘education experts’ and proactively launch the first beta LED accelerator system now.

Full documentation on this paradigm is found at:


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